Back by popular demand – The Knights are back in town!


20TH/21ST December 2013


Following on from the huge success of 2012, the Medieval Christmas banquets are back in Inverness, with another jam packed night of food and fun for you and your friends.



 Some guests dressed for battle
Some guests dressed for battle


Here are some frequently asked questions that we’re asked about the Christmas Banquet:


When and where is it?

We’re going to be at the Ironworks in Inverness on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st December.  Doors open at 7pm, giving everyone plenty of time to finish work and head home to put their party threads on.  The event finishes around 12am, giving everyone the chance to head to the pubs/clubs now that we don’t have a curfew.


What’s involved at a Time Traveller’s Tavern Medieval Christmas Banquet?

Fun, fun and more fun.  From the moment that you step through the doors into the inside of a castle’s great hall, to the moment that you leave (staggering optional), your night will be filled with cheering, screaming, eating and being very merry.  There will be medieval Squires and Ladies to guide you to your seats and take your drinks orders, Court Jesters showing off their skills in juggling and acrobatics, Fire Performers amazing you with their ability to juggle and eat fire and the Master of Ceremonies asking you to join him in raising the roof off the building with your cheers – and that’s all in the first hour!

You’re then introduced to the Knights that will be fighting for the table that you’re sat at.  The louder you cheer when your Knight comes in, the more chance he has of winning the full contact tournament later on.  You’re then served with a delicious 3 course meal (menu below), during which time your Knights will come and talk to you, while the serving Ladies and Squires do the hard work of serving you the 3 courses and delivering your wine orders.  We’ll keep the court musicians hidden away, but there will be background music (that you may recognise) while you have your meal.

After we clear your plates away and despite your full bellies, we then ask you to cheer again for your Knights and their households, giving them encouragement as they prepare to fight for you in the tournament.  In any fight, there has to be a winner and a loser and it’s you and the others at your table who decides the winner.  These Knights will be using real swords, axes and flails and giving it their all to win for you.

Your evening’s banquet entertainment finishes with our incredible fire performers  who use unbelievable skills to give you a stage show fire performance.  If you’re lucky enough to be sat near the stage, you’ll feel the heat from the flaming swords, poi and whips as they astound you with their acrobatic and fire swallowing skills.  If you ask for it, you can even ask your knights to jump for his life as he skips over a flaming rope on fire.


Your own table's knight fights for your honour

Your own table’s knight fight to win for you.


How much does it cost?

Not a King’s ransom, or even the value of one peasant (who are two a penny), this whole unforgettable experience is only £48 per person.



Medieval Banquet 124



Is there a minimum number of people that I can book for?

We believe that strangers are only friends waiting to be made.  You can book 1 seat or hundreds, it’s completely up to you.  We’ve designed the table layout so that you and your friends will be sat together with fellow guests, all under the flags of the Knight’s household that will fight for you.


Do I need to wear a costume?

Again the choice is yours.  Some of our guests like to wear fancy dress, while others prefer to wear their modern day finery.  There will be a prize for the best costume as long as it’s not better than ours!  There will also be a photo booth, available for every one of our guests to help capture this unique experience.



With breath-taking skill, our fire performers complete the evening's performances

Aviatricks finish the night’s entertainment



Menu Medieval Banquets 2013


  • Fresh warm dinner breads


To start:

  • Carrot and coriander soup


  • Smoked salmon Pancakes with cream cheese and caviar on a bed of rocket with a lemon drizzle 



Main Courses:


  • Ye Olde belly of crackled roast salted pork in a pear cider jus
  • The Bruce chicken – black pudding and haggis filled chicken accompanied with a Drambuie glaze –



  • (v) option is available please advise on booking if you have special dietary requirements –



  • Baby French Potatoes, Honey Glazed carrots, Green beans




  • A trio of desserts per person –
  • Christmas pie, Banoffee pie and Cranachan – 


Do I need to eat with my fingers?

In the ‘good old days’ you would have eaten with your fingers and washed them in finger bowls in-between courses.  But, in these enlightened times, our Lord has bowed down to the demand of his esteemed guests by providing you with loads of cutlery (like the French use!!).


How do I book tickets or find out more?



Please book directly with the Time Travellers’ Tavern to avoid any booking fees*


For more information, or to reserve your seats for the night, there are a number of ways you can contact us:


Ye Olde Phone:

01463 232333

07980 560962

E mail:


Using our ‘Contact‘ tab

Carrier Pigeon:

Not recommended if our knights and Ladies are hungry!



Get some friends/colleagues together and join the Time Travellers’ Tavern to experience a night of pure medieval mayhem with the only company in Scotland offering this type of unforgettable event.


*  Tickets being sold through other agents may incur a booking fee, which is outwith our control.

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