Historically Themed Banquets, Taverns and Events

The Time Traveller’s Tavern brings you the experience of a lifetime!  Mouth watering food, jaw dropping full-contact tournaments and mesmerising fire performances and acrobatics await you and your friends at our fully interactive events.  Check out the video below:



 Film courtesy of our good friends at Tachy Studios – see our links for more details.


The Cuisine

Whether you require a sumptuous, fine dining three course meal, or the popular single course buffet style event, all of our products are of the highest quality.

Our policy is to source local ingredients through as many local business as we can – after all, we have one of the UK’s best natural larders on our doorstep, be it fresh salmon, wild venison, Scottish lamb, Aberdeenshire beef or local seafood. We feel it would be a shame not to use it.

The Performances

Your event should be a feast for the eyes, as well as for your stomach.  Imagine becoming immersed in the experience as you are transported back in time.  We help your imagination along by providing a multitude of characters from the history books.

We have authentic knights in shining armour on foot and on horseback, damsels (most definitely not in distress!), court jesters, fire performers, magicians, storytellers, blacksmiths, musicians, birds of prey and even pirates to name but a few.

The Venues

Whether you need or have a venue that you want us to transform, we ensure that the moment you step into the performance space, you are transported back in time to that event.  Whether it is a flag bedecked hall, a hotel conference room, a dressed marquee or even a barn in a field, we have the props to create the bespoke event that you require.  No building is too big or small, with every useable space becoming part of your interactive experience.

If you have a requirement for just the Tavern element of the Time Traveller’s Tavern, we can provide that as well.  Your own event can have another dimension added by having a Historical Tavern selling ales, wines, meads and even soft drinks to your guests.  It’s another unique experience that we can provide, ensuring that your event is talked about for ages afterwards.


The Events


We’ve listed below some of the more popular choices of events that we’ve been involved with.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, so please remember that every event that we organise is specifically crafted to the client’s requirements.


Þ             The Medieval Banquet experience

Þ             The Freebooters Feast

Þ             The Themed Wedding experience

Þ             The Birthday Banquet Bash

Þ             The Rabbie Burns Banquet

Þ             A Murder/Mystery feast

Þ             Fine dining at Valentines

Þ             Feasting at Christmas

Þ             Pirates! – Dining with danger



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